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n.1.(Paleon.) An extinct genus of Tertiary mammals allied to the horse, but three-toed, having on each foot a small lateral hoof on each side of the main central one. It is believed to be one of the ancestral genera of the Horse family.
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The most direct method is to classify the gush strata of spring; it can be divided into outcropping spring of Salawusu formation ([Q.sub.3]s), outcropping spring of loess and hipparion laterite, outcropping spring of burnt rocks ([J.sub.2]y), outcropping spring of Jurassic ([J.sub.2]z or [J.sub.2]y), and outcropping spring of other layers.
Hipparion. He was the one who made the mistake, the German, about the name.
Study is done up to various orders and sub orders ofPerrisodactyls andArtiodactyls (Genera include Stegodon, Selenoportax, Hipparion).
tauricum eximia, Machairodus aphanistus, Orycteropus sp., Hipparion sp., Ceratotherium neumayri, Chilotherium schlosseri, Dicoryphochoerus sp., Samotherium boissieri, Palaeotragus cf.
Crusafont (1950) for the Late Miocene faunas of the Valles-Penedes basin (Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain) characterized by the first appearance of the three-toed hipparionine horses (Hipparion s.l.).
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Al lado habia una defensa de Anancus arvernensis y restos de Hipparion. Se constato el enorme tamano del ejemplar (1,83 m de longitud: la mayor tortuga de Europa) y que se trataba de un macho.
Cormohipparion and Hipparion (Mammalia, Perissodactyla, Equidae) from the late Neogene of Florida.
Nos equinos, o Equus affinis, Caballo, e quase identificado ao cavalo atual, porem o Eqqus neogoeus e, sobretudo, o Equus principalis e consideravelmente diferente e se aproxima do Hipparion ou do Macrauchenia de Darwin (33) que servem de passagem ao Palaeotherium, etc.
The highlights of this field season have been the excavation of a well preserved elephant jaw from Jaw Al Dibsa, as well as another pair of jaws from a primitive horse, known as a "hipparion" and a crocodile skeleton from Hamra.
"Hipparion laterite and landslide hazards on loess plateau of northwestern China", Journal of Engineering Geology, Vol.
In addition to the hominid footsteps, there are tracks of other animals, such as giraffes, elephants, antelopes, hyenas, Hipparion (an ancestor of the horse), apes, birds and saber-toothed tigers.