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 (hĭ-pŏk′rə-tēz′) Known as "the Father of Medicine." 460?-377? bc.
Greek physician who is associated with a body of influential writings that emphasized natural rather than supernatural causation and the role of nutrition and the environment.

Hip′po·crat′ic (hĭp′ə-krăt′ĭk) adj.
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Adj.1.Hippocratic - of or relating to Hippocrates or the school of medicine that took his name


[ˌhɪpəʊˈkrætɪk] ADJ Hippocratic oathjuramento m hipocrático
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Coupled with this distortion of the face, this Hippocratic smile, or 'risus sardonicus,' as the old writers called it, what conclusion would it suggest to your mind?
His notes already made a formidable range of volumes, but the crowning task would be to condense these voluminous still-accumulating results and bring them, like the earlier vintage of Hippocratic books, to fit a little shelf.
February 18, 2018 in Moscow, the First Hippocratic medical forum "Health, new technologies and medical ethics to protect children's life and health", reports Patriarchate .
He also emphasized on the Hippocratic Oath, stressing that doctors must live by the oath they have taken and serve the people.
The tax accounting and auditing firms need a Hippocratic oath, where they sign up to being committed to tackling tax avoidance rather than coming up with all these bizarre schemes and then laundering money into tax havens," he told the panel audience at WEF.
I am suggesting that there should be a global Hippocratic oath that commits accountants to ensuring that the companies and individuals who use them eschew the use of tax avoidance and evasion schemes.
Summary: Mohammad Bin Rashid University' class of 2023 undertake the Hippocratic Oath
As for the Hippocratic Oath that these doctors took when they pledged to save lives and serve humanity, let's rename it the Hypocrite's Oath.
None have betrayed the Hippocratic oath since most departments were covered in the main by senior doctors.
Whilst a long-term strike might be considered to contravene the Hippocratic Oath, surely nobody could find fault with medics who simply refused to accept the new contract and resigned from their posts?
AFTER hearing the news about junior doctors in England going on a 24-hour strike next Tuesday, I wonder what on earth has happened to their Hippocratic Oath relating to duty of care?