Hippocratic oath

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Hippocratic oath

An oath of ethical professional behavior sworn by new physicians, attributed to Hippocrates but thought to have been written by a student or contemporary.

Hippocratic oath

(Medicine) an oath taken by a doctor to observe a code of medical ethics supposedly derived from that of Hippocrates

Hip′pocrat′ic oath′

an oath embodying the duties and obligations of physicians, usu. taken by those about to enter upon the practice of medicine.
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Noun1.Hippocratic oath - an oath taken by physicians to observe medical ethics deriving from Hippocrates

Hippocratic oath

nhippokratischer Eid, Eid mdes Hippokrates

hippocratic oath

n. juramento hipocrático, juramento ético de la medicina.

Hippocratic Oath

n Juramento Hipocrático
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"I want to believe that the overwhelming majority of doctors, through the dialogue we have started, will decide to participate, because I believe that the overwhelming majority of doctors put above all what the Hippocratic oath dictates," Anastasiades said.
If from the above number, those that only mention the term Hippocratic Oath, are excluded, it is plausible to think (but impossible to check out!) that still remains an enormous amount of pertinent literature sources.
The Hippocratic Oath emphasizes lifelong loyalty and devotion to the teacher of an older era, marked by close student-mentor apprenticeships that are not part of today's medical schools.
The Hippocratic Oath. In: The London Medical Repository, Monthly Journal, and Review, Volume III.
According to Patton CJ4, Hippocratic Oath can be divided into 12 components: covenant with diety, covenant with means, commitment to students, covenant with patients, appropriate means, appropriate ends, limits on ends, accountability, limits on means, justice, chastity, and confidentiality.
The Florence Nightingale Pledge, [15] first taken in 1893, is an adaptation of the Hippocratic Oath emphasising the following principles: Leading by example, Faithfulness, Accountability, Responsibility, Confidentiality, Devotion and Quality.
Similarly, I will not give to a woman a pessary to cause abortion.--The Hippocratic Oath The screaming was so loud, you would have thought that the Trump administration had overturned Roe v.
(Reuters) LONDON: The final day of the World Economic Forum heard how the auditing industry needed a "Hippocratic oath" to clamp down on tax avoidance.
Naidu said the basic rule is to follow the medical profession's Hippocratic Oath, as well as the statement by the World Health Organisation - that the duty of physicians is to save people and not do harm.
Summary: Mohammad Bin Rashid University' class of 2023 undertake the Hippocratic Oath
As for the Hippocratic Oath that these doctors took when they pledged to save lives and serve humanity, let's rename it the Hypocrite's Oath.
There are different interpretations about what the prohibition of administering poisonous or deadly drugs in the Hippocratic Oath actually means.