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 (hĭp′ə-krēn′, hĭp′ə-krē′nē)
n. Greek Mythology
A fountain on Mount Helicon, Greece, sacred to the Muses and regarded as a source of poetic inspiration.

[Latin Hippocrēnē, from Greek Hippokrēnē : hippos, horse (from the myth that Pegasus's hoof created it); see ekwo- in Indo-European roots + krēnē, fountain.]


(ˈhɪpəʊˌkriːn; ˌhɪpəʊˈkriːnɪ)
(Classical Myth & Legend) a spring on Mount Helicon in Greece, said to engender poetic inspiration
[C17: via Latin from Greek hippos horse + krēnē spring]
ˌHippoˈcrenian adj


(ˈhɪp əˌkrin, ˌhɪp əˈkri ni)

a spring on Mt. Helicon sacred to the Muses and regarded as a source of poetic inspiration.
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A modern may with much more elegance invoke a ballad, as some have thought Homer did, or a mug of ale, with the author of Hudibras; which latter may perhaps have inspired much more poetry, as well as prose, than all the liquors of Hippocrene or Helicon.
It is an abominable drink, unworthy of a man who quenches his thirst at the Hippocrene fountain -- is not it so you call your fountain, you poets?"
"Cool'd a long age in the deep-delved earth" (11) the grape taps into the primordial memory of the land, recalling days of goddesses and the heavenly spring of poetic inspiration--"the blushful Hippocrene" on Mount Helicon (16)--as well as its worldly outgrowths in the form of medieval romance and lively southern spirit.
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