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a.1.Having the hip dislocated; hence, having one hip lower than the other.
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"What wants this knave with me?" he said, catching sight through the gloom of that hipshot form which ran limping after him.
High quality components were used throughout, including a Warmoth body and neck, Nordstrand pickup, Audere preamp, Babicz bridge and Hipshot tuning machines.
The aim of hipshot (hbv genetic and proteomic screen) is to use cutting-edge screening techniques in human cells to identify host factors that are essential for hbv infection and at the same time targets for antiviral cure.
The term "hipshot" generally means a shot made with a firearm held at hip level, which is often thought of as a type of trick shot.
Again, it was literally a hipshot, but this time it was with his dangerous-game rifle.
Bill Jordan has been called "the most unforgettable handgun man" and "the finest hipshot." I don't know if anyone ever called him the "King of the Hipshots," but to my way of thinking, Bill definitely qualifies for that distinction.
1692 Why do you go Nodding, and Waggling so like a Fool, as if you were Hipshot? says the Goose to her Gosselin.
The Hipshot Collective, a photography society, is organising a spy-themed day out around Cardiff for amateur snappers.
To quote Cooper: "Some used the cowboy hipshot, some the Applegate instinctive method, and I was shooting one-handed, long-point from the target range."
Bass amplification provider Gallien-Krueger, effects pedal creator Catalinbread, and guitar and bass hardware manufacturer Hipshot Products Inc.
Hipshot offers a wide array of hardware pieces for guitar and bass bridges, headstocks and knobs in order to help players to achieve the sounds they crave.