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Gie him here to me, Jim," said Chad Cranage; "I'll tie hirs up an' shoe him as I do th' hosses.
"I've never seen anything like it in all of my 35 years in Cae Hir," she said.
In Mr Martin's letter he highlights correcting the problems of Heol Hir residents, our local councillors and highway committee have taken no notice of the problems of north Llanishen's old council estate.
Mae adar bach y si, yr hummingbirds, hefyd yn gallu peillio am fod eu pigau hir yn gallu cyrraedd reit i mewn i'r blodau.
Rwy'n sicr yn bwriadu mynd yno eto cyn hir," meddai'r cyflwynydd brwd.
Tra yn y brifysgol ym Mangor ymunodd 'r band Injaroc gan ryddhau'r record hir, Halen y Ddaear, a oedd yn cynnwys y clasur o gn, Calon.
Enillodd fy nhraethawd hir y wobr goffa "Eric Thomas" am y traethawd hir gorau yn yr Ysgol Chwaraeon Met Caerdydd, 2015.
Governors at Ysgol Corn Hir had broadly backed a new school due to it already being oversubscribed with concerns also being raised over the condition of the building.
The HIR team kicked off earlier this year with 576 participants representing more than 100 companies.
Based on the above-mentioned findings, we hypothesized that upregulation of Brg1 expression could promote the activation of Nrf2-mediated antioxidant enzymes and alleviate lung injury induced by HIR.
The HIR has proved its value through several incidents when it has helped investigators to identify the legitimate producer of a hologram, with follow-up that has resulted in identifying the supplier of counterfeits.
The launch of HIR's new website allows the company to better represent the firm's strategic and proactive approach, strong connection to the investment community, and compelling communications services.