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v. hired, hir·ing, hires
a. To engage the services of (a person) for a fee; employ: hired a new clerk.
b. To engage the temporary use of for a fee; rent: hire a car for the day.
2. To grant the services of or the temporary use of for a fee: hired himself out as a cook; hired out the cottage for the summer.
To obtain work: She hired on as a deck hand. He hired out as a photographer.
a. The act of hiring.
b. The condition or fact of being hired.
a. Payment for services; wages.
b. Payment for the use of something.
3. Informal One who is hired: two new hires in the sales department.

[Middle English hiren, from Old English hȳrian.]

hir′a·ble, hire′a·ble adj.
hir′er n.
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For example, Alexander Graham Bell presented the telephone and Remington showcased the typewriter, but Heinz ketchup and Hires root beer topped the list of popular items.
for 15 years, a district manager with Hires Root Beer - Crush International for 19 years and Sherwin Williams Paint Co.
However, in figure 5 we see that some of the best seats in Philadelphia's Shibe Park for the 1913 series were occupied by the police, thanks to the Hires Root Beer Company.
Many vintage barns along busy highways have fading advertisements such as Mail Pouch, Hires Root Beer or Burma Shave on the sides.