Hirschsprung's disease

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Noun1.Hirschsprung's disease - congenital condition in which the colon does not have the normal network of nerves; there is little urge to defecate so the feces accumulate and cause megacolon
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RESULTS: Incidence, age and sex ratio of the children with Hirschprung's disease in our setup was calculated from the twenty cases that were referred.
Rachel's Courtyard is named in memory of Rachel Laub, a former patient at the hospital who passed away aged 5 due to complications from Hirschprung's disease. It was made possible by her family, 2,000 community donors and donated support from architects, designers and contractors.
Childhood constipation and late - presenting Hirschprung's disease. J R Soc Med 1984; 77 (3): 3-5.
Teenager Elliot, who impressed Simon Cowell on the ITV show with his outstanding singing voice, has spent a lot of time in the hospital over the years because he suffers from a bowel condition called Hirschprung's disease.