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Noun1.Hirschsprung - Danish pediatrician (1830-1916)Hirschsprung - Danish pediatrician (1830-1916)  
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In these, 51 (71.8 %) children had Hirschsprung's disease, 9 (12.7%) revealed immaturity of ganglion cells (IGC), 9 (12.7%) belonged to isolated hypo ganglionic group and 2 (2.8%) showed isolated IND type B.
MTC (and other thyroid tumours) have been shown to be genetically linked to mutations in the RET (REarranged during Transfection) proto-oncogene (situated at 10q22 (3,4)), which plays a pivotal role in at least four clinical syndromes (MEN2A and MEN2B, familial medullary thyroid carcinoma (FMTC) and Hirschsprung's disease (HSCR)) in a unique 'switch on, switch off' manner.
Eponyms such as Halsted, Wilms, Spencer Wells, Roeder, Prehn, Hirschsprung, Backhaus, Troisier, Thiersch, Sloan-Kettering, Dietl, Palomo and Charcot, and non-English terms such as Sitz bath are spelled incorrectly.
Ryan Dodds had his life tragically cut short when he suffered a cardiac arrest as a result of Hirschsprung's disease, which he was diagnosed with at birth.
Calismamizin gerec ve yontem bolumunde sunulan olgularin diger rektal kanama nedenleri (anal fissur, polip, kanama diyatezi, enfeksiyon, nekrotizan enterokolit, Hirschsprung hastaligi ve diger cerrahi karin durumlari) ve sistemik bulgulari (atesli hastalik, iritabilite, kilo almada yavaslama, kilo kaybi) dislanan hastalar oldugu belirtilmistir.
None hang on the walls in the three main art museums of Copenhagen-the Royal Museum of Fine Art, the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, or the Hirschsprung Collection (the latter has a roomful of Kyhns).
Infant botulism can be manifested by a broad spectrum of symptoms that early in the disease may mimic those of sepsis, dehydration, viral syndrome, pneumonia, idiopathic hypotonia, meningitis, failure to thrive, hypothyroidism, metabolic encephalopathy, amino acid metabolic disorder, heavy metal poisoning (Pb, Mg, As), electrolyte imbalance, drug ingestion, poliomyelitits, medium-chain acyl-CoA dehydrogenase, brain stem encephalitis, myasthenia gravis, viral polyneuritis, Guillain-Barre syndrome, Hirschsprung disease, or Werdnig-Hoffman disease.
Tip 4, Shah-Waardenburg sendromu olarak da bilinir, siklikla otozomal resesif olarak gecer ve Hirschsprung hastaligi eslik edebilir (5).
"I speak from experience as my son, Louis, was born with Hirschsprung''s Disease, where part of the intestine is missing, and was in intensive care for a week.
(29) Dentro de las enfermedades gastrointestinales se destacan los volvulos, la rotacion anormal, la colitis pseudomembranosa, la colitis de Hirschsprung, invaginacion, tromboembolia de la arteria umbilical, perforacion intestinal, hemorragia hepatoesplenica suprarrenal, ulcera por estres, ileo meconial y alergia a la proteina de la leche.
Por el contrario, este reflejo esta ausente en los pacientes con enfermedad de Hirschsprung, Enfermedad de Chagas y posterior a la realizacion de anastomosis del recto bajo, el cual se asocia con poca respuesta funcional.
Flowers have been delivered to Sammi's bed at University Hospital, Walsgrave, where she has been for five months suffering with a bowel disorder and Hirschsprung disease.