congenital megacolon

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Noun1.congenital megacolon - congenital condition in which the colon does not have the normal network of nerves; there is little urge to defecate so the feces accumulate and cause megacolon
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Absence or reduction in the number of ICCs has been implicated in several disorders of human gastrointestinal motility, including hypertrophic pyloric stenosis, Hirschsprung disease, intestinal pseudo-obstruction, and slow-transit constipation.[9-14]
Hirschsprung disease (HD) is a disorder of intestinal innervation in which the 2 principal histologic features are the absence of ganglion cells and the presence of increased numbers of hypertrophic nerve bundles in the aganglionic segment of bowel.
Studies of RET and Hirschsprung disease in his laboratory are supported by NICHD HD 28088.
Intestinal neuronal dysplasia-like submucosal ganglion cell hyperplasia at the proximal margins of Hirschsprung disease resections.
Leukemia, autoimmune diseases, and Hirschsprung disease are the other common clinical presentations of DS.
In 18% of children with sigmoid volvulus, the condition may be detected in the context of Hirschsprung disease (9).
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Transanal pull through for Hirschsprung disease: Matched case-control comparison of Soave and Swenson techniques.
Today HAEC is the leading cause of morbidity and is responsible for half of the deaths associated with Hirschsprung disease (HD).
We always should be alert to rare medical problems such as Hirschsprung disease or traumas (from slammed toilet lids to sexual abuse).