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 (hĭ-spăn′ō, -spä′nō)
n. pl. His·pa·nos
1. A native or resident of Spanish descent living in the southwest United States.
2. A Hispanic.

[Short for Hispano-American, from Spanish hispano, Spanish, from Latin Hispānus, from Hispānī, the Spaniards.]
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(hɪˈspæn oʊ, -ˈspɑ noʊ)

n., pl. -nos.
[1945–50; independent use of Hispano-]


a combining form representing Spain or Spanish.
[< Latin His-pān(us) pertaining to Hispānia the Iberian Peninsula + -o-]
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Of this state hear what Cicero saith: Quam volumus licet, patres conscripti, nos amemus, tamen nec numero Hispanos, nec robore Gallos, nec calliditate Poenos, nec artibus Graecos, nec denique hoc ipso hujus gentis et terrae domestico nativoque sensu Italos ipsos et Latinos; sed pietate, ac religione, atque hac una sapientia, quod deorum immortalium numine omnia regi gubernarique perspeximus, omnes gentes nationesque superavimus.
The Destruction of the Indigenous Peoples of Hispano America: A Genocidal Encounter
Kristo Hispano, the 37-year-old chair of Barangay 549, Zone 68 in the Port Area, was driving a Toyota Fortuner on Roxas Boulevard when attacked near Quirino Avenue around 9:45 p.m.
Nosotros; a study of everyday meanings in Hispano New Mexico.
28 -- Tata Hispano Motors Carrocera (Tata Hispano), Tata Motors' wholly-owned subsidiary in Spain, has won a prestigious order for supplying 10 CNG series hybrid low-floor city buses, to be built on Tata Motors chassis, to EMT Madrid, a Madrid city public transportation company.
Tata Motors Limited (Tata) (NYSE: TTM), an India-based automaker, has acquired a 79 percent share in Hispano Carrocera SA (Hispano), a Spain-based bus and coach manufacturing company.