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or his·pan·o·phone  (hĭ-spăn′ə-fōn′)
1. Speaking Spanish, especially as a first language or as the predominant language in a region.
2. Relating to Hispanophones or their culture.
A Hispanophone person.
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Other scholars of Chinese literature from the English-speaking world join with him, and like other units based on phonetic language such as Anglophone, Francophone, Hispanophone, and also Lusophone, "Sinophone" is used with the aim of signifying the decolonized narrative.
In practice Caribbean Racisms focuses on the Hispanophone and Anglophone islands, particularly Cuba, Jamaica, and Trinidad and Tobago.
Certaines entreprises qui embauchent annuellement une trentaine de TET engagent un coordonnateur hispanophone a temps plein, a un salaire annuel de 40 000 a 50 000 $ incluant les charges sociales [E4-5, E16].
27) In 1920, an article in Cervantes about Guillermo de Torre--a major player in Ultraismo and a promoter of the Hispanophone avant-gardes--describes de Torre's "epigonic admiration for Whitman, Verhaeren, Marinetti," (28) among others, and argues that Whitman was one of de Torre's aesthetic "evolutionary ancestors"; (29) and de Torre himself refers to Whitman in his article on the aesthetics of Ultraismo in the same year.
In fact, Bardem does both: he sees two therapists, one English-speaker and one Hispanophone, in part to ensure that his inner self remains off-screen.
The case of Amazigh-Catalan writers is quite different due to linguistic and political circumstances, equating culture with community vis-a-vis literary inclusion as national inclusion, and about the ways to justify and to resist anti-Catalan sentiments from Hispanophone Iberia.
Taking into account Anglophone, Francophone and Hispanophone intellectual and cultural traditions, and the journal also aim to offer a platform for the expansion of critical Caribbean dialogues.
Categorie Arabophone, Lusophone, Hispanophone : Tarek Bouchamaoui (Tunisie) elu, seul candidat
If the word Aleph were only heard spoken aloud, as the narrator first heard it on the telephone, it would almost certainly be imagined as being spelled with an f, at least in the hispanophone context of the cuento.
En 2003, cette population a present hispanophone etait estimee a 1234000 personnes (SIISE-SISPAE 2004:24), soit 10% de la population totale de l'Equateur.
While Blinn only offers bilingual German and English texts of his book's title, the heading of its sections and sub-sections, the running head and the back cover, English-language and Hispanophone readers of Pujante and Cerda's anthology are equally well served.