Historical painting

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that branch of painting which represents the events of history.

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In the Senate Chamber of the ancient Republic we wearied our eyes with staring at acres of historical paintings by Tintoretto and Paul Veronese, but nothing struck us forcibly except the one thing that strikes all strangers forcibly--a black square in the midst of a gallery of portraits.
The young painter was influenced by religious imagery and the many books on historical painting that his parents had dotted around the home.
A former Utah elementary school art teacher says administrators were wrong to fire him after he allowed students to sift through several famous historical painting post cards -- and one parent called the police.
Both the painter and the researcher collected the very few sources and old maps from the Center for Research and Studies on Kuwait, and received assistance from a host of Kuwaiti historians for the historical painting that will show present and future generations the city looked in the past.
"I spend hundreds of hours in research before I start an old historical painting. The time it takes to complete a painting depends entirely on the subject and the time spent in research.
On that day only, visitors to the museum can see the historical painting 24 February 1918 by Nikolai Kalmakov.
Turner: Travels, light and landscape Featuring some 30 watercolours, paintings and prints, the exhibition explores Turner's endeavours to challenge the widely-held assumption that landscape was inferior to historical painting, ends tomorrow.
* explore color theory principles and the elements and principles of design in the re-creation of a historical painting.
Haydon was something of a monomaniac and saw historical painting almost as a divine 'calling'.
From the late 1980s, she experimented with panorama-like circular structures, an example of her interest in historical painting, as well as the dissolution of the painting surface into an experiential whole.

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