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 (hĭ-stôr′ĭ-sīz′, -stŏr′-)
v. his·tor·i·cized, his·tor·i·ciz·ing, his·tor·i·ciz·es
To make or make appear historical.
To use historical details or materials.

his·tor′i·ci·za′tion (-sĭ-zā′shən) n.


(hɪˈstɒrɪˌsaɪz) or


to represent (events) in a historic context


(hɪˈstɔr əˌsaɪz, -ˈstɒr-)

v.t. -cized, -ciz•ing.
to narrate as history; render historical.
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Among their topics are al-Suyuti the intolerant ecumenist: law and theology in Ta'yid al-haqiqa al-'aliyya wa-tashyid al-tariqah al-Shadhiliyya, discussions between al-Suyuti and others about the taylasan as a contested garment in the Mamluk Period, al-Suyuti's stance toward worldly power: a reexamination based on unpublished and under-studied sources, preservation through elaboration: the historicisation of the Abyssinians in his Raf'shan al-Hubshan, al-Suyuti and the art of concise hadith commentary, and al-Suyuti and erotic literature.
Significantly, Chan's historicisation of the socio-political condition specific to each play she examines allows us to see a different Hong Kong identity constructed in each of the five case studies across half a century, accentuating her point that translated theatre is not proactive but rather "reactive to what befell the territory and its changing conditions" (79).
Oropallo argued for the importance of further historicisation of the interplay between historical trends in design culture, and the evolution of the environmental context.
S'interessant a la dimension politique de cette revolution, Berube plaide pour une meilleure historicisation de la gouvernance metropolitaine montrealaise.
What is needed, indeed required, is a rethinking of Abelard which takes seriously the encouragement to regard Abelard himself as a perverse twelfth-century topic (or text) which should be subjected to a robust and rigorous perverse reading in order to avoid a real perverse historicisation.
Les ecrivains de ces litteratures pourraient en effet se reclamer de Toussaint Louverture, dont l'envergure postcoloniale s'inscrit dans le message de liberte quelle prone par son historicisation singuliere du heros haitien et son rejet d'un discours en contradiction avec la Revolution francaise, puisque favorable au maintien du joug esclavagiste et colonial.
But the careful historicisation of the facade--its windows and paint-scheme now reaffirming the original appearance--is commendable.
In 1986, Marilyn Lake published her article on the politics of respectability in late nineteenth and early twentieth century Australia, which took up the challenge of writing the history of masculinity as a route to a more rigorous historicisation of a concept of woman.
Il est certain en tout cas qu'une lecture en termes de collaboration ou de dissidence est insuffisante pour comprendre ce long roman historique qui est a la fois un hommage a la France, une defense de la civilisation dahomeenne, une lecon de morale chretienne, une historicisation des sacrifices humains, et un plaidoyer pour l'ethnologie comme mediation entre societes et cultures (voir Riesz, Coundouriotis).
The attitude of the radical nationalists to the historicisation of World War I has been noted by several historians, including Neville Meaney and Michael McKernan, who have both observed that the digger myth sits uncomfortably within the radical tradition.
Historicisation in fiction is rooted in the singularity of a storyworld, created through a process of formal imagination and craft.
0 period commencing in the early years of the twenty-first century, as discussed below) that a collective social history of the internet emerged to relocate the internet from future to present, through historicisation.

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