n.1.An historian.
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Norgaard, Ellen (2008) Indoktrinering i folkeskolen : historier om realiteter og spogelser i kulturkampens arena.
Folk og fortoellinger fra det tabte land--361 historier om de moend, der formede landet.
Smith-Erichsen, forward to Matriark: Nesten Sanne Historier om a Vaere
MARIA GRONLYKKE has made an impressive, well-nigh unforgettable debut with her collection of stories Fisketyven: Historier hjemmefra (The fish thief: Stories from home).
In 1852 he introduced the title Historier (Stories) signalling a new realism, and later he mixed these two designations, fairy-tales and stories
While there, he must have begun his Introduction til de fornemste europaiske rigers historier ("Introduction to the History of the Principal Kingdoms of Europe"), which was not published until 1711.
One of Denmark's first modernists, Jensen attained literary prominence with the publication of Himmerlands historier ( Himmerland Tales, 1898 - 1910), stories of his native Jutland.
Transnationale historier [Transnational Histories] Odense: Syddansk Universitetsforlag.
Sorensen's first collection of short stories, Sare historier (1953; U.
Andersem Samlede Voerker, Eventyr og Historier I-III, Det Danske Sprog- og Litteraturselskab, Gyldendal, 2003, and all are to the first volume.