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v. t.1.To relate as history; to chronicle; to historicize.
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This study will therefore add to the studies by exposing more of the morphological processes availability in Igbo language generally through the Anaku of Igbo, prove the universality of the processes, and historize the Anaku Igbo morphological processes.
In addition, Yokogawa provided an Exaquantum plant information management system that allows Schwungrad Energie to historize and analyze plant data whilst easily transforming this data into usable, high-value, widely distributed information.
In his work Retorica, comunicacion y realidad: la construccion retorica de las batallas en las cronicas de la conquista (2003), Mendiola has advanced some of the issues related to the problem about how to historize the truth in history.
With the release of our Local Historian Plug-In, we are strengthening our relationship to make it significantly easier for our customers to acquire real time data, historize the information, and produce value-oriented reports quickly and easily," says John Harrington, Director of Product Management at Kepware Technologies.
Also, by putting too much analytical emphasis on Junghuhn's subjective experiences, Sternagel fails to historize her 'hero' adequately.
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