History piece

a representation in painting, drawing, etc., of any real event, including the actors and the action.

See also: History

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The Land Rover was produced by the Rover Company - worthy of a separate history piece in itself, especially as it's a company that started out in Coventry.
The Linwood Line has been published by Joe Reilly, who has spent years compiling the history piece.
Instead of doing a history piece on Veterans Day, I would like to briefly tell you a story about distinguished U.S.
Yet another oversight in the Air Power History piece were "Bill's" combat medals and decorations, principally, the Silver Star, the Distinguished Flying Cross, the Purple Heart, the Defense Distinguished Service Medal with oak leaf cluster, and the Air Medal with three oak leaf clusters.
As an aside and to reiterate, when I am asked about the submission process at JFQ, I often remark that the easiest way to get published in the journal is to write a history piece because we receive so few submissions on history-related topics.
From the development of Northern agricultural systems and new technology's influence on these systems and cooking to descriptions of modern domestic life and pursuits, this isn't a cookbook but an important history piece recommended for any student of early American history and daily life.
The first time I had a history piece published--on environmental education in this case--I was informed by a colleague, who had already published several historical pieces herself, that when you start publishing histories it means that you are getting really old.
In its old format, my history piece in the Post was always back-to-back with the rambling column.
In its own way, like the other pieces on the program, Festival Dances is a history piece. On one gorgeous abattoir of a night, Renard died, and was resurrected.
HISTORY PIECE: The German U-Boat at Woodside Terminal and, left, Sefton Councillor Mark Dowd and Merseytravel's Neil Scales open the Conning Tower replica
Martin Constantine, who is directing the RWCMD opera, said: "To me this is not a history piece, because it works right now, drawing parallels with contemporary living.
That was a fun issue to put together, between the top towns article, the 1911 history piece and the item on concealed carry and the police.
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