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 (hĭt′lər), Adolf Known as "Der Führer." 1889-1945.
Austrian-born leader of the German Nazi Party (1921-1945) and chancellor of the Third Reich (1933-1945). His fascist philosophy, embodied in Mein Kampf (1925-1927), attracted widespread support, and after 1934 he ruled as an absolute dictator. Hitler's pursuit of aggressive nationalist policies resulted in the invasion of Poland (1939) and the subsequent outbreak of World War II. His regime is infamous for the extermination of millions of people, especially European Jews. He committed suicide when the collapse of the Third Reich was imminent (1945).

Hit·ler′i·an (hĭt-lîr′ē-ən) adj.
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Adj.1.Hitlerian - of or relating to or suggestive of Adolf Hitler or his Nazi regime in Germany


[hɪtˈlɪərɪən] ADJhitleriano
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The film also makes a fine primer for the many who may be unaware, both in and outside of the gay community, that Hitlerian intolerance cast a very wide net.
If it wasn't so pretentious and self-serious, its portrait of a sick, dysfunctional suburbia and cynical view of high school (the football team and cheerleaders stage a night-time rally of Hitlerian proportions), might have had something worth saying, but instead it simply plods from unlikely to unbelievable.
Arab and Muslim anti-Semitism, he believes, go beyond the Hitlerian variety, which occasionally masked its hatred or obscured its murderous objectives.
Section Three,"Postwar Jewish-Christian Encounters," assesses the detrimental impact of Hitlerian Judeocide on the "Body of Christ" and the transformational steps taken by post-Shoah Catholic and Protestant authorities to reconsider traditional negative teachings about the Jews and Judaism in Christian Heilsgeschichte (e.
There is only one organisation that was allied to the aims of Hitlerian Germany that is still around today - the IRA.
Certainly until 1945" he writes, "the Germans as a people, not only in the Hitlerian Volkisch sense, defined themselves and their history decisively through Kultur--they said they always had it, and nobody else did.
Now, for all I know, each weekend Haider dresses up in full Hitlerian rig and recites the speeches of Karl Lueger in the Carinthian castle his uncle seems to have acquired in the Second World War at a forced knockdown price from its Jewish owner.
It takes two people to make one, so none of the Hitlerian methods of extermination are necessary.
Hughes makes it clear that the hawk-persona here is actually the oracle for the genera five process itself, the inexorable creative force that lies behind particular creatures - even "Gods" - and takes on a satanic, Hitlerian aspect for those apostles of mercy and measure who experience its pitiless, boundless functioning.
The novel's breadth is achieved through the choral and primary voices of characters in the Holocaust trauma: administrative voices of Germans, Council members, and police officials carrying out the Hitlerian program and voices of Jews (the Bundists, the Communists, and the Orthodox) oppressed, resisting, suffering starvation, slave labor, and deportation.
I had the "pleasure" of reading the original 1934 issues of the Hitlerian Crisol on the subject, under the title, "Tres hijos de Judas se apoderan de la SADE" ['Three Sons of Judas Take Over the SADE,' 9 March 1934]).
Contrary to the company's official history, Bertelsmann cooperated with the Nazis in the late thirties and early forties, publishing a range of Hitlerian propaganda [see Hersch Fischler and John Friedman, "Bertelsmann's Nazi Past," December 28, 1998].