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The fascistic and nationalistic theories and practices of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis.

Hit′ler·ite′ (-lə-rīt′) adj. & n.
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(Historical Terms) the policies, principles, and methods of the Nazi party as developed by Adolf Hitler
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(ˈhɪt ləˌrɪz əm)

the policies and practices of Hitler and the Nazis, esp. totalitarianism and racism.
Hit′ler•ite`, n., adj.
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the tenets of German fascism as developed by Adolf Hitler; Nazism. — Hitlerite, n., adj.
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"Should Hitlerism win, the world will be plunged into utter darkness, in which case the Jews will be the greatest losers," said Rabbi Arthur Feldman at Temple Anshe Sholom in Hamilton.
Alleging that the BJP's thumping victory in the 2014 polls pushed the country towards "Hitlerism", Sawant said: "The Sangh Parivar promoted hate as a weapon of expansion.
Under a Darkening Sky sometimes strays, or leaps, into bombast: "That Hitlerism was ever able to so dominate European and global politics to the extent that it did for twelve hellish years, sending the world screeching into a cataclysmic war from which it only escaped by the skin of its teeth, battered, bloodied, and changed forever, is no mystery now." Whew!
Hitlerism is a phenomenon and practising Hitlerism is a 'condition of mind'.
We then published the story - with a dramatized headline 'Hitlerism resurrects' in a block, that was it.
Nazi and Confederate flags flew amid chants of "Blood and Soil," a slogan of Hitlerism, and "Jews will not replace us."
Woolf's conception of British fascism is much more explicitly stated in her wartime essay "Thoughts on Peace in an Air Raid," in which she aims "to drag up into consciousness the subconscious Hitlerism that holds us down" ([1940] 1942, 245).
"To put an end to Indian Hitlerism, we should be militarily ready and defeat India.
More clearly, Hitlerism seems to reverberate in the frantically xenophobic populism of Brexiters and the divisive rhetoric at the heart of Trump's nativist insider versus outsider neo-fascist populism.
Patrick and his fellow globalists have done their best to discredit nationalism by associating it with "national socialism" (i.e., Nazism, Hitlerism, fascism).
Instead of occupying themselves with securing food and warmth--concerns that absorbed Inber's diary entries from this period--Leningraders emerge as citizen-soldiers embroiled in battle: "All of our thoughts and feelings are about one thing: / striking the enemy directly, with flanking / and with frontal fire / so that in that hotbed of evil and despair / the curse of Hitlerism will burn to ash." (66) While chapter 1 s discussion of bombardment sparks references to da Vinci and the Wright brothers, chapter 3 features allusions to Napoleon, Lenin, and Stalin.
According to reporter, Mohammad Yasin Malik in a statement issued in Srinagar said, 'Subjecting peaceful youth to third degree torture and humiliation and putting their families to unwanted trouble, killing them with impunity, celebrating their death and then fabricating a desired narrative through biased media can only be termed as naked Hitlerism.'