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The fascistic and nationalistic theories and practices of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis.

Hit′ler·ite′ (-lə-rīt′) adj. & n.


(Historical Terms) the policies, principles, and methods of the Nazi party as developed by Adolf Hitler


(ˈhɪt ləˌrɪz əm)

the policies and practices of Hitler and the Nazis, esp. totalitarianism and racism.
Hit′ler•ite`, n., adj.


the tenets of German fascism as developed by Adolf Hitler; Nazism. — Hitlerite, n., adj.
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All Jews were intended victims of the Hitlerite "Final Solution of the Jewish Question.
But the hyena of public opinion was slinking around me, demanding of me with the drooling menace of its expectant teeth that I make up my mind at last, that I become Stalinist or Hitlerite.
During the Hitlerite regime in Germany, he was arrested, together with his father, and accused of anti-Nazi activities.
As early as 1942, the Soviets had raised the need to try "the Hitlerite invaders and their accomplices for the crimes committed by them in the occupied countries of Europe.
Though we live at an oceanic remove from Eurasia's wars, we have always understood that the balance of power there--whether the threat came from Habsburg Spain, Bourbon or Napoleonic France, Wilhemine or Hitlerite Germany, Russia's czars or Soviet premiers, or Japanese emperors--framed our security here.
Readers tempted to accuse me of playing "the Hitler Card" should know that Zizek himself likes to use it in a game of three-card monte: Zizek was the lone intellectual to appear in Laibach: A Band from Slovenia, a documentary about a music group that makes incessant, perhaps parodic use of Nazi and Stalinist imagery in its album art and concerts--sometimes to very entertaining effect, as when the band transformed the harmless soccer anthem "Life Is Life" and the sappy Queen power-ballad "One Vision" into creepy, Hitlerite videos that are funny to watch when you're drunk.
In news reports, an individual is called a communist, a Hitlerite, among others.
The referendum campaigns will certainly not reveal the embarrassing fact that leading Nazis and Fascists founded and initially led the European Union (the first President of the European Commission was a devoted Hitlerite who qualified as a "Nazi Leadership Officer") Today the European Union closely resembles Hitler's Europe of 1941 and the recent overturning of the elected Ukrainian Government with the aid of Nazi gangs is but the latest proof of "Europe's Full Circle" RODNEY ATKINSON, Stocksfield, Northumberland
Using concrete examples of hitlerite atrocities, the Party nurtured a burning hatred for the enemy among the soviet people.
1) At the Moscow Conference in October 1943, the Allies presented a Joint Four-Nation Declaration that included the following statement on Austria: "The governments of the United Kingdom, the Soviet Union and the United States of America are agreed that Austria, the first free country to fall a victim to Hitlerite aggression, shall be liberated from German domination.
A plot laid waste by Hitlerite air-forces, and not rebuilt (modern housing, new St Patrick's school, Grangetown Library) until well into the 1970s and beyond.
I hope you don't ever find yourself aged and in the hands of Johnny who has since become a doctor; now hard, indifferent and calloused by this culture of knocking off the weak and vulnerable and celebration of this Hitlerite Culture of death.