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Noun1.Adolf Hitler - German Nazi dictator during World War II (1889-1945)Adolf Hitler - German Nazi dictator during World War II (1889-1945)
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However, when recommending Kalinin for the title of Hero of the Soviet Union, Chamov wrote that he had destroyed 1 heavy and 3 medium tanks and personally killed 17 Hitlerites in two days, 17 and 19 October 1942.
None of those who live in peacetime should not forget that since August 18, 1942, all the Jewish population of the city, including children and the elderly, was destroyed by the Hitlerites.
So, if you still wonder why Trump would give comfort to racists and Hitlerites, look at the reaction of his base this week.
Among his topics are the 1920 First of May demonstration in Praga, the communists and the underworld, bagel bakers and peddlers, communists shoot at a workers convention, street fights with the Polish Hitlerites, returning stolen goods to a leather merchant, and a bombing of the Bund offices.
the brief history of this war is so unexpected, as a matter of fact when hitlerites had seized power in Germany in 1933, the German imperialists began intensive preparation for war against the Ussr in the belief that crushing the soviet state would be the most important and decisive phase in the struggle for world domination.
Incidentally, before 1932, when the British and American media could not yet make up their minds in which camp to place Hitler's followers, they too usually referred to them as National Socialists or sometimes simply as Hitlerites.
Vengeance became one of the dominant motifs of the Soviet media to rile up anger and then channel that energy into fighting a war against Germans, fascists, Hitlerites, and sometimes all three.
It is for this reason the Hitlerites and other anti-semites worship Boris Brasol as their benefactor.
Past experience, especially in World War II, has shown that no nation in Western Europe was able to extend the required help to the Jewish people in defending its rights and its physical survival against the violent deeds of the Hitlerites and their allies.
He promised the "military option" against Iran would remain on the table, then veered off into boilerplate about "Islamofascism," the neoconservative agitprop word that suggests all Muslims are potential Hitlerites.