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Noun1.Hizballah - a Shiite terrorist organization with strong ties to Iran; seeks to create an Iranian fundamentalist Islamic state in Lebanon; car bombs are the signature weapon
act of terrorism, terrorism, terrorist act - the calculated use of violence (or the threat of violence) against civilians in order to attain goals that are political or religious or ideological in nature; this is done through intimidation or coercion or instilling fear
Lebanese Republic, Lebanon - an Asian republic at east end of Mediterranean
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The Hizballah International Financing Prevention Amendments Act would supplement a 2015 law curbing the group's access to banking systems, and is the latest legislative effort.
As long as Hizballah spreads instability, conducts terrorist attacks and engages in criminal and illicit activities around the world, we will continue to designate Hezbollah's operatives, leaders and businesses, impose sanctions as a result of designation, and disrupt its radical activities.
Ogasapian pointed out that Hizballah and Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri highly support an electoral law based on full proportionality but "time is getting short to adopt a proportionality law or to form a Senate and then conduct elections based on such a law without a long-term technical extension.
Hizballah also went underground to resist the Israeli occupation of Lebanon and during Israel's war on the country in 2006.
A number of exchange houses are reportedly used to facilitate money laundering and terrorism financing, including by Hizballah, which the United States has designated as a terrorist organization, though the Government of Lebanon does not recognize this designation.
In July 2006, Hizballah escalated its campaign against Israel with a cross-border ambush of an IDF patrol.
The analysis also extends to Lebanon with a focus on the embattled 'Alawi community of Jabal Mohsen in Tripoli and state relations with Hizballah amid the current crisis.
It studies primarily Islamic terrorist organizations such as the Lebanese Hizballah organization, the Palestinian Hamas movement, and the Abu Sayyaf Group in the Philippines, who utilize kidnapping as a strategy to collect ransom and to promote the goals of their organizations and patrons.
Iran's support for the Lebanese Hizballah, Palestine Islamic Jihad, and Hamas make Iran a player in the Israeli-Palestinian and Israeli-Arab disputes, and Iran's backing of Houthis in Yemen give it influence on Saudi Arabia's southern border.
6) Hugh Macleod, "Lebanon's Militant Hizballah Forging New Ties," San Francisco Chronicle, November 1, 2007.
In 2011, the STL delivered to Lebanon's Prosecutor General an indictment containing arrest warrants for four Hizballah members who are still at large, and a fifth suspect was indicted in 2013.
It is good the Secretary General of Hizballah is enthusiastic to combat terrorism," Hariri tweeted.