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Indeed, hundreds of low budget Hmong language films--comedies, action films, horror films, historical fiction movies, documentaries, and others--have been produced, since the 1990s, by mainly 1.5-generation Hmong American men for the American market.
(3) The basis for the RPA was ingeniously devised for the (perhaps) formerly unwritten Hmong language by Shong Lue Yang, a 20th century Hmong man living in Laos.
The importance of using primary sources in elementary curriculum: Infusing Hmong language, culture, and community resources into the subjects of mathematics, reading, science, and social studies.
Because Hmong language did not become alphabetized until 1950, many Hmong refugees did not record their histories in writing.
All of the conversations take place in Hmong language, using a blend of the White Hmong and Green Hmong dialects that are most common in the United States.
Contributors in history, Hmong language, humanities, anthropology, and ethnic studies explore the attitudes and values of Hmong women in the US and in Southeast Asia, looking at how these women challenge patriarchy, gender norms, and racial stereotypes.
In the late 1980s FEBC, a California-based radio ministry, began a proselytising programme in the Hmong language, produced by Hmong preachers in California, but aired from its broadcasting station in Manila.
undergraduate minor in Hmong studies, with classes such as cosmology and beliefs, arts and literature and the Hmong language.
Females and those who speak the Hmong language at home were more likely to obtain a well-child visit and those who speak Russian were less likely to do so.
The second program was a Hmong language version translated for Hmong in the US.
Ya Po Cha teaches the Hmong Language at Luther Burbank High School in Sacramento and here presents a broad overview of Hmong traditions, covering subjects such as wedding rites, funeral customs, superstitious taboos, and the extension of Hmong culture into politics and the arts.
I had sampled a Southeast Asian cuisine I knew nothing about, heard the Hmong language, experienced the power of a man weeping in public, listened to music I didn't know, and bought an embroidered and tasseled indigenous hat.