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(ˈhɒbɪmə; Dutch ˈhɔbəmaː)
(Biography) Meindert (ˈmaɪndərt). 1638–1709, Dutch painter of peaceful landscapes, usually including a watermill


(ˈhɒb ə mə)

Meindert, 1638–1709, Dutch painter.
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Carter Yellowbird of Hobbema, Alberta now recruits Native performers for Euro Disney, describing his peers as "positive ambassadors for our people" (p.
All the chiefs of the reservation, including a visiting chief of the Cree Reserve at Hobbema, Alberta, Fred Little Poplar, congregated in the centre of the Sun Dance lodge.
Gloria Okeynan is a visiting actor from Hobbema, Alberta, who studied in 2002 at Toronto's Centre for Indigenous Theatre.