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A political theory promulgated by Thomas Hobbes, advocating absolute monarchy as the means of guaranteeing a stable civil society.

Hobb′ist adj. & n.
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This misunderstanding was most clearly formed in the public mind by the scandals and controversy that centered on the Scarsgill affair, which involved a Cambridge Hobbist who was forced to publically recant his Hobbism, calling the philosophy "the Accursed Atheism of this age.
32) In the religious allegory that lies behind the Hobbist one, by stripping the world of the meaning that faithfulness to the Word gives, the characters surrender the spiritual level of existence and live in a materialist world that maintains only a parody of the spiritual world of truth, only an empty shell of meaning.
And in some sense, as Horner, he does when he fights as the Hobbist materialist who achieves his troubling and dark victory of sorts at the plays end that is in opposition to the playwrights morals.
As the actor who plays Horner comes out to show that he is an unprincipled and cowardly reflection of their values, so Wycherley presents a Horner who likewise is a concession to the audience's Hobbist materialism.
The editor argues that none of the traditional labels attached to Locke - Deist, Unitarian or Hobbist - really applies.
In challenging conjugal tyranny, the Tory Behn joins anti-domestic feminists such as Chudleigh and Astell (and Congreve's Mirabell and Valentine) in turning from Hobbist absolutism to Locke's liberal contract theory.
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