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Noun1.Hodur - (Norse mythology) a blind god; misled by Loki, he kills his brother Balder by throwing a shaft of mistletoe
Norse mythology - the mythology of Scandinavia (shared in part by Britain and Germany) until the establishment of Christianity
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The school attacked include Royini Girls School, Takya Girls School, one school each in Hodur and Thor neighbourhoods and three all-girl schools in Darel division, Giyal village and Khanbanri.
The schools attacked include Royini Girls School, Takya Girls School, and one school each in Hodur and Thor neighbourhoods, and other schools in Darel division, Giyal village, Khanbanri, Gali Bala and Gali Payen.
The Royini Girls Schools, Takya Girls School, a school each in the Hodur and Thor neighbourhoods and schools in the Darel division, Giyal village, Khanbanri, Gali Bala and Gali Payen were set on fire late at night on Aug 3.
The FARGODOME in North Dakota is one of the few arenas which might create an economic gain (Hodur et al.
Slovakians Ivan Hodur and Robert Rak were banned for 11 years and 15 years respectively for being involved in fixing friendly club matches in 2011.
Following Crompton (Journal of Sport Management, 1995), Tyrrell and Johnson (Journal of Travel Research, 2001), and Hodur and Leistritz (Journal of Convention & Event Tourism, 2006), this study partitions festival attendees into one of the following three categories:
Lukasz Tota (1), (A), (B), (D), (G), Wanda Pilch (1), (F), (C), Malgorzata Hodur (2), (B), Andrzej Sagalara (2), (E)
Esses impactos podem ser economicos, socioculturais, ambientais (Solberg & Preuss, 2007; Fredline, 2005), fisicos, politicos e psicologicos (Fredline, 2005), assim como relacionados ao turismo (Ritchie & Smith, 1991; Hodur & Leistritz, 2006; Lockstone & Baum, 2008; Fourie & Spronk, 2011; Turco & Dinu, 2008).
A collection of academic literature demonstrates how adding agritourism enterprises to small and mid-sized farms could be a legitimate step toward economic sustainability of small and mid-sized farms (e.g., Bruch & Holland, 2004; Das & Rainey, 2008; Hall, Roberts, & Morag, 2003; Hodur, Leistritz, & Wolfe, 2005; Honadle, 1990; Ryan, Debord, & McClellan, 2006).
There have been many studies on the relation between the practice of sports and investment in sports infrastructures that have used socio-economic variables like per capita income, tourism, economic activity, and population density (Billaudeau et al., 2011; Coates & Humphreys, 2002; Estabrooks et al., 2003; Hodur et al., 2006; Lasley & Tuner, 2010; Loyland & Ringstad, 2009; Matheson, 2002; Moore et al., 2008; Pascual et al., 2007; Powell et al., 2006; Smith, 2010; Zolnik et al., 2010).