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 (hŏf′mən, hôf′män′), Roald Born 1937.
Polish-born American chemist. He shared a 1981 Nobel Prize for applying quantum-mechanics theories to the analysis of chemical reactions.
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(ˈhɒf mən)

1. E(rnst) T(heodor) A(madeus) (Wilhelm), 1776–1822, German author and composer.
2. Roald, born 1937, U.S. chemist, born in Poland: Nobel prize 1981.
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Noun1.Hoffmann - Austrian architect known for his use of rectilinear units (1870-1956)
2.Hoffmann - German chemist (1818-1892)
3.Hoffmann - United States chemist (born in Poland) who used quantum mechanics to understand chemical reactions (born in 1937)
4.Hoffmann - German writer of fantastic tales (1776-1822)
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In 1900 the architect Adolf Loos (1870-1933) wrote a polemical parable called 'The Poor Little Rich Man', which, like so much of his barbed criticism, is aimed squarely at his rival and contemporary Josef Hoffmann (1870-1956).
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