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 (hôg′băk′, hŏg′-)
A sharp ridge with steeply sloping sides, produced by erosion of the broken edges of highly tilted strata.


1. (Geological Science) Also called: hog's back a narrow ridge that consists of steeply inclined rock strata
2. (Archaeology) archaeol a Saxon or Scandinavian tomb with sloping sides


(ˈhɔgˌbæk, ˈhɒg-)

a long, sharply crested ridge usu. formed of steeply inclined strata that are especially resistant to erosion.


1. A Saxon or Viking tomb that curves down toward the ends and has sloping sides.
2. A long, narrow ridge that is steep on both sides.


A sharp ridge running along the top of a hill.
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Noun1.Hogback - a narrow ridge of hillshogback - a narrow ridge of hills    
ridgeline, ridge - a long narrow range of hills
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The roads run along the tops of hogbacks with drops of 50 to 200 feet on each side of the narrow road.
Over unruly rivers and hogbacks, the rectangular Gauley River National Recreation Area was placed like a stencil.
The area suffered intense erosion which impacted the geomorphic formations such as: cuestas, ravines, hogbacks, torrent ditches, pyramid-shaped structures.
The trail climbs over ridges, or hogbacks, which give views of the Front Range and plains to the east and the Rocky Mountains to the west.