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n.1.A stocking without a foot, worn by coal miners at work.
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She is also a blanket hogger, and it can be tough trying to get a good night's sleep in a double bed with two women.
And it seems to be an issue that needs to be addressed, given that one in five of drivers have had an accident or near miss as a result of being tailgated by another driver, while one in 10 have had a similar experience with a middle-lane hogger.
Installing the wood chipping machine, known as a hogger, would add 70 A to the load.
The Northumberland Rivers Trust is a relatively new organisation created in July 2011 with ex Environment Agency fisheries boss John Hogger as its chairman.
The teeth of the steam-driven hogger shredded the wood, which was loaded into small railcars.
Then there's the credit hogger who likes to pass off other's ideas as his or her own.
Other members of the Commonwealth Observer Mission are Ms Pauline Welsh, Election Official, Jamaica, Mr Irfan Abdool Rahman Election Commissioner, Mauritius, Mr Carey Onyango Awino, Civil Society Director, Kenya, Mr Zahurul Alam, Governance Expert, Bangladesh, Ms Sarah Fradgley, Media Expert, New Zealand, Ms Sheila Rosseau, Civil Society Director, Antigua and Barbuda and Mr Henry Hogger, Former Diplomat, United Kingdom.
Summary: It's what you get when you combine a habitual hogger with the plentiful bounties of the Istanbul food scene.
He presents Hamlet as "a ham, a porky piggy hogger of the limelight, a bad actor" who remains inert because he is too fat to move.
A contract from 1515 acknowledges the appointment of Melchior Hogger as an organist at the monastery in that year and supplies much information regarding the feasts and other occasions whereon the organ was used.
One in five (19%) drivers have had an accident or near miss as a result of being tailgated by another driver and a further one in 10 (11%) from a middlelane hogger.
Outstanding performances include Tom Hogger Gadsby and Natalie Holt with three A* grades each.