n.1.A pen or sty for hogs.
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Similarly, when Albright flees from the police in <i>Provinces</i>, he flies out his back door "past the hogpen and the woodlot in a desperate stretch for the woods .
17) In a letter to Maryat Lee (15 May 1964) O'Connor comments: "You got to be a very big woman to shout at the Lord across a hogpen.
Jenkins picked up a second store in May when Terry "Hogman" Eustice sold him Hogman's Hogpen on South University in Little Rock so Eustice could retire.
the public health, as in the case of a hogpen, the keeping of diseased
The parks drainage system is included in the Cahaba River basin which has four primary tributaries that transect the park; Dry Brook, Hogpen Creek, Cahaba Valley Creek, and Peavine Branch.
The "court room"--we must give it that title, although hogpen is more befitting--is a sort of compressed parallelogram.
Smells drift through the trees, first a musky stink like the hogpen, though she is nowhere near it, and then, oddly, a biscuity scent like morning, yeasty and rising.
It includes interference with the public health, as in the case of a hogpen, the keeping of diseased animals, or a malarial pond; with the public safety, as in the case of the storage of explosives .
the condition of the jail into which the brethren were thrown was filthy, a hogpen as it were.
The only sporting experience that I could think of that could possibly equal fly fishing in a hogpen would be big-game hunting for steers in a feed lot.
We were after the 10-pounders that other fly fishers over the past two years have hooked--and occcasionally landed--in this man-made trout hogpen.
44) Examples include the following: hogpens, keeping diseased animals, and malarial ponds.