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n.1.Leather tanned from a hog's skin. Also used adjectively.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The loan, now almost paid off, was used to buy a factory-built, 1,500-seat rodeo/riding arena, called "Hogskin Arena." It has become a major drawing card at Calhoun County Park and was a centerpiece of the first Hogskin Holidays event last April.
"Just the parks board itself recognized about $25,000 in revenues from the weekend of the Hogskin Holidays."
The county is hoping the second Hogskin Holidays, set for the weekend of April 9, 1993, will grow in popularity.
"She sent me for an x-ray and it came back with a large mass in my chest, 22cm in size!" In February 2015, Stephenson was diagnosed with Stage 2b Hogskins Lymphoma, a cancer of the lymphatic system.
The little black piglet - nicknamed Hogskins - has a contract saying it must never get the chop.
Hogskins and a duck called Dewi star in a pounds 50 million "It's good to talk" ad campaign with Cockney Bob, constantly reminding him of his lines.
So BT chiefs worried about the phone giant's image drew up contracts stating that Hogskins, Dewi and their four stand- ins must not end up as pork scratchings or in orange sauce.