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Family of German rulers of the Holy Roman Empire (1138-1208 and 1212-1254). Hohenstaufens also reigned in Sicily (1194-1266).
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(ˈhəʊənˌʃtaʊfən; German hoːənˈʃtaufən)
(Biography) a German princely family that provided rulers of Germany (1138–1208, 1215–54), Sicily (1194–1268), and the Holy Roman Empire (1138–1254)
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(ˌhoʊ ənˈʃtaʊ fən)

a member of the German princely family that ruled in Germany, Sicily, and the Holy Roman Empire in the 12th and 13th centuries.
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I wanted to go to Aquila--the opposite of Rome in every respect, and actually founded in a spirit of enmity towards that city (just as I also shall found a city some day), as a memento of an atheist and genuine enemy of the Church--a person very closely related to me,--the great Hohenstaufen, the Emperor Frederick II.
(3) Heather Dalton, Jukka Salo, Pekka Niemela, and Simo Orma, 'Frederick II of Hohenstaufen's Australasian Cockatoo: Symbol of Detente between East and West and Evidence of the Ayyubid's Global Reach', Parergon, 35.1 (2018), 35-60.
The first measurement of gastric emptying dates back to the Middle Ages, when Frederic II Hohenstaufen, the leader of the Holy Roman Empire, ordered two prisoners to be well fed and then sent one of them to hunt and let the other one rest.
Foi so depois de conhecer as obras de criticos ligados ao circulo de Stefan George, especialmente de um deles, Ernst Kantorowicz, autor de um livro sobre Frederico II (Hohenstaufen) que, atraves de Sombart, pude afinal "descobrir" Max Weber, de quem ainda guardo as obras entao adquiridas.
The reattribution equally affects this Lion Fountainhead, establishing the general area of Southern Italy where once it refreshed an Hauteville or a Hohenstaufen.
Santagata gives a thorough rendering of the strife between the Guelf and Ghibelline factions in Dante's Italy, the former the party of the pope, the latter that of the Holy Roman Emperor, the conflict having begun, in Italy, during the reign of Frederick I (1152-1190) of the House of Hohenstaufen. Frederick had leapfrogged his power from Germany to southern Italy, and the papacy feared its own territories in central Italy and Romagna, the "possessions of Saint Peter," would be crushed between the two imperial dominions.
Charles gives Corradino and his cousin Frederico their liberty as a ruse to smoke out the Hohenstaufen contingent.