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Noun1.Hoheria - small genus of shrubs and small trees of New Zealand: lacebarks
dilleniid dicot genus - genus of more or less advanced dicotyledonous trees and shrubs and herbs
family Malvaceae, mallow family, Malvaceae - herbs and shrubs and some trees: mallows; cotton; okra
Hoheria populnea, houhere, lacebark, ribbonwood - small tree or shrub of New Zealand having a profusion of axillary clusters of honey-scented paper-white flowers and whose bark is used for cordage
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As a late summer garden, this paradise is an inspiration PLANT OF THE WEEK Hoheria 'Stardust' (Lacebark) WHEN considering early autumn flowering plants, don''t forget about shrubs and trees.
Q I'M keen to get hold of a plant of Hoheria lyallii, featured in your column a few weeks ago.
Abutilon, Actinidia, Camellia, Carpenteria, Ceanothus, Chaenomeles, Clematis, Cotoneaster, Cytisus, Eccremocarpus, Fremontodendron, Garrya, Hedera, Hoheria, Humulus, Hydrangea, Jasminum, Lathyrus, Lippia, Lonicear, Magnolia, Parthenocissus, Passiflora, Phygelius, Polygonum, Pyracantha, Ribes, Solanum, Vitis, Wisteria.
Q CAN I save seed from my hoheria? I am anxious to save a bit of cash and raise some plants myself.