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n. pl. Hohokam or Ho·ho·kams
A member of a Native American culture flourishing from about the 3rd century bc to the mid-15th century ad in south-central Arizona, noted for the construction of an extensive system of irrigation canals.

[From O'odham huhugam, those who are gone, from huhug, to perish, disappear.]


(həˈhoʊ kəm)

of or designating an American Indian culture of the S Arizona desert c300 b.c.–a.d. c1450.
[1912; < Pima-Papago huhugam those who are gone]
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Hohokam Drive will be relocated 270-feet to the east and a one-way loop will be incorporated immediately to the east of the bridge to re-direct traffic accessing Smokey Lane.
During the 1940s he constructed Taliesin West in Arizona's Sonoran Desert, the new winter home for himself and the Fellowship, rich in associations with the primordial landscape and the region's indigenous Hohokam people.
Mammalian remains from Los Colinas, a classic Hohokam site in Arizona.
An Acoma Pueblo ceremonial shield, ancient jewelry and effigies linked to the Hohokam, who once inhabited part of present-day Arizona, are also up for bidding.
in the Hohokam Ballroom at the Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak Resort located at 7677 N 16th St, Phoenix, AZ 85020.
Instead, the A's moved out after last spring and now host games about 5 miles away at Hohokam Stadium.
Among their topics are ethnic museums and indigenous culture in regional China, the protection and repatriation of Native American cultural items in the US, a circle to complete regarding Glasgow's Ghost Dance shirt, repatriation research documenting Hopi cultural affiliation with the ancient Hohokam of southern Arizona, and the S[sz]mi Museum Siida and S[sz]mi remains in Finland.
The eleven case study-based chapters engage with relational ontologies and cosmologies apparent in Indigenous circumpolar (Inuit), Indigenous Australian (Torres Strait Islander), North American pueblo (Southwest Chaco and Hohokam regions), Peruvian, Neolithic Turkish, Neolithic and Bronze Age British, Bronze Age Aegean, Neolithic Central European, and seventeenth-century Swedish cultures.
Team Stadium City Arizona Diamondbacks Salt River Fields Scottsdale Chicago Cubs HoHoKam Stadium Mesa Chicago White Sox Camelback Ranch Glendale Cincinnati Reds Goodyear Ballpark Goodyear Cleveland Indians Goodyear Ballpark Goodyear Colorado Rockies Salt River Fields Scottsdale Kansas City Royals Surprise Stadium Surprise Los Angeles Angels Tempe Diablo Stadium Tempe Los Angeles Dodgers Camelback Ranch Glendale Milwaukee Brewers Maryvale Baseball Park Phoenix Oakland Athletics Phoenix Municipal Stadium Phoenix San Diego Padres Peoria Sports Complex Peoria San Francisco Giants Scottsdale Stadium Scottsdale Seattle Mariners Peoria Sports Complex Peoria Texas Rangers Surprise Stadium Surprise Team Distance to Phoenix (miles) Arizona Diamondbacks 9.
So agent Dick Moss brought Dawson to the GM meetings in Arizona during spring training 1987, and then showed up at HoHoKam Park in Mesa, site of the Cubs' camp.
Stijnman warns that 'printmaking over the last six centuries is all one to me'; those specialising in 18th-century engravings may indeed find themselves confronted with shells etched by the Hohokam people in modern-day Arizona around 1000 AD (Fig.
Talking Stick Resort offers traditional Native American dances and cultural exhibits, while the Pueblo Grande Museum Archaeological Park in Phoenix features a prehistoric village of the Hohokam culture.