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AL HOL CAMP, Syria: She left the Netherlands to join the Daesh group in Syria, and married a fighter here.
KATE Moss, on hols in St Tropez, caused a social media sensation when she "stepped out in a sizzling bikini at 44 displaying her healthy curves".
We consider you as our core strength in providing high-standard Gulf Oil products to the consumers in Pakistan,' HOL's Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mrs Amber Haroon Saigol said while speaking at the launch ceremony held at a local hotel.
According to a report in Dawn, HOL will act as the distributor of GOMEL in Pakistan and its CEO Satyabrata Das expressed pride at reaching a partnership with Haroon Oils Ltd.
Para determinar la resistencia a la infeccion con VLB de la raza BON y el cruce BON x HOL respecto a la raza Holstein, se determino el Odds ratio (OR) a traves de una regresion logistica; si el OR es mayor a 1 hay una asociacion positiva y la raza o cruce tiene bajo riesgo de ser positivos al VLB, por el contrario, si el OR es menor a 1 hay una asociacion negativa y la raza o cruce tiene alto riesgo de ser positivo a VLB.
"The Chan Hol individual confirms a late Pleistocene settling of Mesoamerica and represents one of the oldest human osteological remains in America," the authors wrote.
The inauguration ceremony was attended by members of Horizon International Trust, the staff of HOL School.
I loved painting ever since I was a child", said the enthusiast painter when HoL interviewed him.
Die karakter in die eenvroustuk Hol, Liesbet, is anoreksies en bulimies.
After this purchase, Vodafone Greece owns 91.2% of HOL, which means the buyer will initiate a mandatory offer to buy out the remaining stake in HOL.
Ambergris Caye, Belize, May 10, 2014 --(PR.com)-- The “Photo Contest” is the very first Facebook contest that Hol Chan Reef Resort and Villas has had.
A compact infra-solvmanifold is a manifold of the form [GAMMA]\G, where G is a connected, simply connected solvable Lie group, and [GAMMA] is a torsion-free discrete subgroup of Aff(G) = G [??] Aut(G) which acts on G cocompactly and the closure of hol([GAMMA]) in Aut(G) is compact where hol : Aff(G) [right arrow] Aut(G) is the holonomy projection.