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(Computer Science) computing a control function in a router that stops it receiving information from other routers while there is instability in the network



1. a clamp for holding an object in place.
2. a limitation, esp. on costs: a holddown on spending.
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Mounting hardware including flanges, single-hole mounting kits, holddown clamps,
His third fight ended victoriously with an ippon throw, his fourth with a holddown and his fifth was claimed by a submission.
Thus total areas include the areas of the peripheral holddown stones.
Western Rollers says it can make any old tenoner run like new by installing its holddown pads.
Intended for use in rapid prototyping, CNC routing, and other manufacturing applications that require substrate or component holddown, the Stay-Flat vacuum holddown table results in a non-warping, non-oxidizing flatbed.
We can't find an NSN for the stay line holddown clamps or the tow cable mounting clamps for our M88A1 recovery vehicles.
After one bolter and one trap, I launched a last time with a fuel state of 500 pounds above holddown.
Ms Jay nowhas to holddown several jobs including cleaning, market research and childcare to survive.
By maximizing information links among providers and minimizing unnecessary duplication of services, we can not only improve care for patients but also holddown costs for payers -- for the benefit of every community we serve.
ball joints, extension rods, holddown clamps, and tie bars for dual-mounted LVDTs
The U-shape holddown bolts connected to the brackets are to be painted or replaced with new U-shaped holddown bolts and painted.