Hole board

(Fancy Weaving) a board having holes through which cords pass which lift certain warp threads; - called also compass board.
- Dickens.

See also: Hole

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Hole Board Paradigm: Apparatus consisted of rectangle box (35 x 45 x 45 cm) made up of clear poly acrylic sheets.
Effect of aqueous and n-hexane fractions of Anise on number of hole pokings in hole board paradigm.
The mice were placed in the center of the hole board and allowed to freely explore the apparatus for 5 minutes.
Effect of the chronic ingestion of chlorimipramine and desipramine on the hole board response to acute stresses in male rats.
The modified hole board as a differential screen for behavior in rodents.
Therefore the present study was designed to evaluate and to find out the central importance of oxytocin in combating the most common male psychological disorders anxiety, fear, stress and exploratory behavior by using well established hole board test, elevated plus maze, open field test in preclinical models.
administered saline/oxytocin on Behavior of male swiss albino mice in hole board test Treatment Total number % Decrease in of pokings number of pokings Normal 11.57 [+ or -] 0.1 7 -- Saline 8.57 [+ or -] 1.08 25.92 Oxytocin 1mg /ml 12.42 [+ or -] 0.71 * -- Oxytocin 2mg /ml 9.57 [+ or -] 0.71 -- Oxytocin 4mg /ml 7 [+ or -] 0.90 18.31 Treatment % Increase in number of pokings Normal -- Saline -- Oxytocin 1mg /ml 44.9 Oxytocin 2mg /ml 11.66 Oxytocin 4mg /ml -- Male mice were administered saline/oxytocin of volume 2ml /animal prior to testing 10 minutes after the i.c.v.
This notion is further supported by the observation that BTB induced anxiolytic action was not accompanied by muscle relaxation (as evident by bar test), motor incoordination (as judged by Bridge and righting reflex tests), sedation (as reflected from hole board test) or promotion of sleep (as judged by absence of ptosis, sleepiness and unimpairment of autogrooming), which are common side effects of benzodiazepenes (Rang 1995).
Exploratory behavior and curiosity were measured using a hole board apparatus and placing non-trained mice on the board and recording the number of holes explored in a 5 minute period.
The effect of compound 1 in the hole board and locomotor activity tests is shown in Fig.
Participants are asked to preregister on the Mac's corn hole boards on Facebook.