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(Placename) a port in NE Indonesia, capital of Papua (formerly Irian Jaya), on the N coast. Pop: 155 548 (2000). Former spelling: Djajapura Former names: Sukarnapura, Kotabaru or Hollandia


or Dja•ja•pu•ra

(ˌdʒɑ yəˈpʊər ə)

the capital of Irian Jaya, on the NE coast, in Indonesia. 149,618.
Formerly, Hollandia.
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Deborah Little writes of that time through the eyes of letters between her parents while her dad was stationed in Hollandia, New Guinea and Manila, Philippines Island from November, 1944 to December, 1945.
In January 1943, he moved to the Fifth Air Force Service Command in maintenance and engineering assignments and as chief of staff, eventually rising to command the advanced headquarters of the Far East Air Service Command, which supported operations from bases in Hollandia, New Guinea, Leyte, Manila, and Okinawa.