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 (hŏl′ə-rĭth′), Herman 1860-1929.
American inventor who created a system of recording and retrieving information on punched cards (1880) and founded the company that became IBM (1924).
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Noun1.Hollerith - United States inventor who invented a system for recording alphanumeric information on punched cards (1860-1929)Hollerith - United States inventor who invented a system for recording alphanumeric information on punched cards (1860-1929)
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After leaving school they both worked for Rubery Owen & Co Darlaston, Marge in the Hollerith office and Keith as an engineering apprentice.
The punch card created a paper record for information in an electromechanical system that had been updated and tailored for financial operations by the inventor Herman Hollerith in 1888.
Other Features: 12 row 80 column Hollerith punching, 60 or
1889: Dr Herman Hollerith of New York patented an electrically operated computer to process data.
Dean Hollerith, thank you for your beautiful introduction.
Programming and data input was via the Hollerith punched-card system and physically these pieces of kit were most impressive.
We are singing for God because that is what church choirs do," the Reverend Randolph Marshall Hollerith said in a letter.
The company's punch card-based Hollerith machines were instrumental in enabling the Nazis to efficiently round up Jews, seize their assets, deport them to concentration camps, and then systematically slaughter them.
Nora Kennedy, Senior Photography Conservator at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, recognized the combination of the irregular rectangular shapes and number placement as being a match for old computer punch-cards (Hollerith cards), which Mohamedi had seemingly cut into strips and placed on her photo paper during the enlarging process (figure 5b).
More recently, in 1890, Herman Hollerith and James Powers invented the punch card, a computing technology that may be familiar to older readers.
[The] attractions by the other planets [I evaluated] with the aid of the Hollerith machines of the Watson Astronomical Computing Bureau at Columbia University....