Hollow square

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(Mil.) a formation of troops in the shape of a square, each side consisting of four or five ranks, and the colors, officers, horses, etc., occupying the middle.

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There must have been from six to eight dozen spoons in the Brigade, and they marched away in the shape of a hollow square, with Dorothy, Billina and Toto in the center of the square.
We made a most imposing and awe-inspiring spectacle as we strung out across the yellow landscape; the two hundred and fifty ornate and brightly colored chariots, preceded by an advance guard of some two hundred mounted warriors and chieftains riding five abreast and one hundred yards apart, and followed by a like number in the same formation, with a score or more of flankers on either side; the fifty extra mastodons, or heavy draught animals, known as zitidars, and the five or six hundred extra thoats of the warriors running loose within the hollow square formed by the surrounding warriors.
Following him in, they found that the house was a hollow square, enclosing a courtyard with a bath sunk in the middle, and a fountain in the centre of the bath.
When soldiers form lines, or hollow squares, you call it reason.
Tenders are invited for Providing And Fixing Handrails, Balustrades As Per Desired Design I/C Cutting, Hoisting, Fixing In Position By Using Various Sizes Of Hollow Square Bars, (As Per Approved Design) And Applying A Priming Coat Of Approved Primer Etc All Complete As Per The Direction Of Engineer In Charge.
The new arrivals reported just in time to participate in the station's commissioning ceremony, which commenced at 1500 on 15 February 1941, at which time the station's ten officers and 118 enlisted men mustered at the base of the flagpole in front of the Administration Building, forming a hollow square with Cdr.
More than 750 Armed Forces personnel were applauded by crowds of poppy wearers as they marched to form a hollow square around the memorial in Whitehall.
More than 750 Armed Forces personnel were applauded by the gathered crowd as they marched to form a hollow square around the memorial.
The top flange, a large and complex hollow square with four corner lifting features, is currently produced by machining from a solid block, with most of the expensive high-grade alloy being cut away.
Drivers are being advised to follow signs with a hollow triangle symbol for a diversion anti-clockwise or to follow the hollow square symbol signs for a clockwise diversion via the A1, A406, and A10.
Shape Note or Sacred Harp singing (also known as fasola singing) is done around a hollow square Tenors face altos and trebles face basses and everyone joins in the singing.
The coloured cobblestones fascinated me, where the right markers stood and the centurions stood whilst forming hollow square, a drill we still do today.