Holocentrus ascensionis

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Noun1.Holocentrus ascensionis - bright red fish of West Indies and BermudaHolocentrus ascensionis - bright red fish of West Indies and Bermuda
genus Holocentrus, Holocentrus - type genus of the family Holocentridae; squirrelfishes
squirrelfish - very small, brightly colored (especially red) nocturnal fishes of shallow waters or tropical reefs; they make sounds like a squirrel's bark
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leucostictus, Thalassoma bifasciatum, and Holocentrus ascensionis, and individual mtDNA size heteroplasmy was sometimes noted in these species.
In isolated Holocentrus ascensionis erythrophores incubated in 10 [mu]M A23187 and EGTA-buffered, external free [Ca.sup.++] below 5 X [10.sup.-6] M, pigment granules are also dispersed; above 5 X [10.sup.-6] M [Ca.sup.++] reversible aggregation is induced (Luby-Phelps and Porter, 1982).