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 (hŏl′ə-grăf′ĭk, hō′lə-) also hol·o·graph·i·cal (-ĭ-kəl)
1. Of or relating to holography or holograms.
2. also hol·o·graph (hŏl′ə-grăf, hō′lə-) Of or being a document written wholly in the handwriting of the person whose signature it bears: a holographic will.

ho′lo·graph′i·cal·ly adv.
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(General Physics) of, relating to, or produced using holograms; three-dimensional
ˌholoˈgraphically adv
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Adj.1.holographic - of or relating to holography or holograms
2.holographic - written entirely in one's own hand; "holographic document"
3.holographic - written wholly in the handwriting of the signer; "a holographic will"
written - set down in writing in any of various ways; "written evidence"
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Europa series new 100 [euro] and 200 [euro]; Holostik wins Small Enterprise India Business Award; Uflex holography develops Fresnel lens products for packaging; JSC Holography Industry receives presidential award; Akonia Holographics acquired by Apple; SPIE honours Karl Stetson; M2--next generation security from Nanotech; Augmented Reality (AR) for authentication; second highest number of IHMA award nominations
INITIALLY formed as a research project, View Holographics is now a world leader in full parallax holographic and 3D imaging solutions, thanks in part to funding support from the Welsh Government's Business Innovation Programme.
View Holographics, of Conwy, is developing specialist printing technology capable of producing large-scale holographic images for use in the global advertising, architecture and business-tobusiness markets.
These five-roll film overwraps are surface printed in eight colours plus cold seal on 35 micron holographic metallised app supplied by Applied Holographics, and the individual roll wrappers are surface printed e in six colours by the gravure system plus lacquer on 65gsm holoprism paper imported from Robert Home in the United States.
Commenting on the development, Dino Kiriakopoulos, CEO of the API Group, said: 'API has a world-class offering of laminates, foils and holographics for enhancing our customers' brands and packaging.
The funding, for North Wales-based View Holographics, is coming from xenos - the Wales Business Angel Network- Finance Wales and the Welsh Assembly Government.
View Holographics, based at the OpTIC Technium on St Asaph Business Park, has been set up with an initial pounds 500,000 of funding to work on the development of the technology for use in display advertising and consumer products.
Following the successful acquisition of OpSec (Optical Security Industries) by Applied Holographics Plc, the two companies will merge.
In 2015 RCM, in collaboration with NovaVision and Pacific Holographics, issued a five ounce fine silver hologram coin, the first ever to feature a hologram, incorporating Canada's national symbol, the maple leaf as a hologram.
One of the start-up companies housed in the OpTIC is View Holographics which is developing the technology for use in display holograms and consumer products.
Holography News[R] reported in 1995 that De La Rue Holographics (DLRH) had launched OVMS (Optically Variable Magnetic Stripe), its own version of the holographic magnetic tape technology developed by American Bank Note Holographies which had recently been adopted by Visa, Mastercard and American Express.
and Ayres, Mark' Assignee: Akonia Holographics, LLC, Longmont, CO.