holomorphic function

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hol·o·mor·phic function

(hŏl′ō-môr′fĭk, hō′lō-)
n. Mathematics
A function on a region of a complex plane, differentiable at every point in the region. Also called analytic function.
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Let X and Y be complex manifolds of dimensions m and n respectively, and consider a holomorphic map f : X [right arrow] Y.
Let n : Z [right arrow] X be a proper holomorphic map between finite dimensional complex spaces.
2] the punctured Riemann surface [Mathematical Expression Omitted] is hyperbolic, in particular any holomorphic map [Mathematical Expression Omitted] (which may also be reducible) is constant.
Therefore both the minimal embedding dimension and the number of elementary matrices needed to factorize a null-homotopic holomorphic map f: X [right arrow] [SL.
and let / : C [right arrow] X be a holomorphic map.
i] [right arrow] [omega] is well-defined holomorphic map.
An holomorphic map f : X [right arrow] Y between two real varieties (X, [[sigma].
We first prove that if H is nondegenerate over C, then every holomorphic map f : C [right arrow] [P.
n] be an entire holomorphic map with the Jacobian det (df) [equivalent] 1.
Let f : D [right arrow] D' be a proper holomorphic map such that the cluster set [cl.
MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION OMITTED] is a holomorphic map with generically finite fiber (cf.
for the collection of holomorphic maps from some annulus [A.