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Noun1.Holothuria - type genus of the HolothuridaeHolothuria - type genus of the Holothuridae  
echinoderm genus - a genus of echinoderms
family Holothuridae, Holothuridae - a family of Holothuroidea
Holothuria edulis, trepang - of warm coasts from Australia to Asia; used as food especially by Chinese
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Effects research of adding photosynthetic bacteria on the holothuria seedling stages.
Reproductive biology of Holothuria leucospilotu in the Cook Islands and the implications of traditional fishing of gonads on the population.
The primary species harvested in Oman is the sandfish, Holothuria scabra (feik albahar in local language meaning sea jaw).
Population structure and reproductive cycle of the commercial sea cucumber Holothuria mexicana (Echinodermata: Holothuroidea) in Belize
Of particular interest is the only known population of Holothuria scabra, a highly valuable sea cucumber.
Some studies have, for example, reported poor retention of PIT tags in 2 tropical sea cucumbers, Holothuria whitmaei and Actinopyga miliaris (Purcell et al., 2008).
Holothuria leucospilota or locally known as Patola or bat puntil is currently considered as the most abundant sea cucumber species in Malaysia [1].
karaeng), the Makassarese believed that their claims to harvest trepang (beche-de-mer, Holothuria edulis) in nearby waters would be acknowledged.
Beschreibung einer grossen Seeblase (Holothuria priapus Linn.) zween Arten des Steinbohrers (Terebella Linn.), einer grossen Sandrohre (Sabella Linn.).
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