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n. pl.1.(Zool.) A group of ciliated Infusoria, having cilia all over the body.
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The response of basic ruminal parameters corresponded with reduction in microbial populations of total bacteria, Entodiniomorpha, Holotricha and methanogens (linear Pless than 0.01; Table 2).
Los contrastes ortogonales aplicados senalaron una significativa tendencia lineal descendente desde el tratamiento cero hacia el alto en los porcentajes de la familia Holotricha, asi como de los generos Dasytricha e Isotricha lo largo de todas las horas de registro.
Differential protozoa counts revealed that Entodinia populations increased to a greater extent than Holotricha with added PEG thus confirming higher susceptibility of Entodinia to phenolics present in sheanut byproducts.