Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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For example, the text is replete with references such as "Corn Flakes" and "jugo de pera Libby" (199), "Pan Holsom" and "Queso Kraft" (228), "bizcocho de Sara Lee" and "mantequilla Blue Bonnet" (232), and even "Weight Watchers" (252) and "sopa Campbell" (257).
"I mash-up avocado, Tabasco sauce, and little bit lemon ...and then I open one bag Holsom Bread and make lunch," he said.
His The Image of Governance (1541) imagines a library whose walls are its most important feature; rather than an openness and availability of texts and learning, to which Humanism is most often supposed to aspire, Elyot's library is a cloistered space, which he describes as necessary for keeping "holsom doctrine" away from the works of "detestable heretykes" (99).
for holsom guydyng, rewle, and governyng" of the freemen).
Rob Franklin then got 46 and Peter Holsom 27, but Dean Wallace helped himself to six for 38 and Joe Bajada four for 15 to get the home side out for 205.