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Hol·stein 1

 (hōl′stīn′, -stēn′)
A region and former duchy of northern Germany at the base of the Jutland Peninsula. It became a duchy under the suzerainty of the Holy Roman Empire in 1474 and was often controlled by Denmark in the years that followed.

Hol·stein 2

 (hōl′stīn′, -stēn′)
Any of a breed of large black and white dairy cattle originally developed in Friesland.

[After Holstein1.]


(Breeds) the usual US and Canadian name for Friesian1


(German ˈhɔlʃtain)
(Placename) a region of N Germany, in S Schleswig-Holstein: in early times a German duchy of Saxony; became a duchy of Denmark in 1474; finally incorporated into Prussia in 1866


(ˈhoʊl staɪn, -stin)

1. Also called Hol′stein-Frie′sian. one of a breed of large black-and-white dairy cattle originating in North Holland and Friesland.
2. a region in N Germany, at the base of the peninsula of Jutland: a former duchy. Compare Schleswig-Holstein.
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Noun1.Holstein - a breed of dairy cattle from northern HollandHolstein - a breed of dairy cattle from northern Holland
dairy cattle, dairy cow, milch cow, milcher, milk cow, milker - cattle that are reared for their milk
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The thing that impressed itself most on me in Holland was the thoroughness of the agriculture and the excellence of the Holstein cattle.
The fine herd of Holstein cows--their big eyes looked at him with such trust
A past president of the Holstein Association, Mr Wilson received the award for his lifetime's commitment to the dairy industry and his breeding success.
The aim was to assess differences among Brown Swiss (BS), Holstein (HO), BS x HO and HO x BS cows.
Synopsis: Schleswig and Holstein have been contested regions in Europe for more than thousand years, but contested between different peoples and groups, and for very different reasons.
THE Welsh owners of Holstein UK's top herd are to open their doors for a full herd inspection and elite stock sale.
THE HOLSTEIN HOUSEWARES DIVISION OF DISTRIVALTO HAS unveiled a new branding effort, designed to confirm the label as a lifestyle brand, according to Vanessa Valera Nolte, founder and CEO.
2 gene with milk production and compositional quality traits in Holstein and BON x Holstein cattle, at a dairy farm in Antioquia, Colombia.
The German savings association Sparkassen- und Giroverband Schleswig Holstein and nine trusts held by US private equity investor JC Flowers hold the remaining shares.
En 1948 el municipio de La Ceja gesto un proyecto que fundaria las bases de su desarrollo local y regional, la Exposicion Holstein.
M2 EQUITYBITES-May 3, 2012-Betfair granted online sports betting licence in Schleswig Holstein, Germany(C)2012 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
NORTH Wales Holstein Club has confirmed the dates and judges for its annual series of stockjudging evenings.