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Hol·stein 1

 (hōl′stīn′, -stēn′)
A region and former duchy of northern Germany at the base of the Jutland Peninsula. It became a duchy under the suzerainty of the Holy Roman Empire in 1474 and was often controlled by Denmark in the years that followed.

Hol·stein 2

 (hōl′stīn′, -stēn′)
Any of a breed of large black and white dairy cattle originally developed in Friesland.

[After Holstein1.]
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(Breeds) the usual US and Canadian name for Friesian1


(German ˈhɔlʃtain)
(Placename) a region of N Germany, in S Schleswig-Holstein: in early times a German duchy of Saxony; became a duchy of Denmark in 1474; finally incorporated into Prussia in 1866
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(ˈhoʊl staɪn, -stin)

1. Also called Hol′stein-Frie′sian. one of a breed of large black-and-white dairy cattle originating in North Holland and Friesland.
2. a region in N Germany, at the base of the peninsula of Jutland: a former duchy. Compare Schleswig-Holstein.
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Noun1.Holstein - a breed of dairy cattle from northern HollandHolstein - a breed of dairy cattle from northern Holland
dairy cattle, dairy cow, milch cow, milcher, milk cow, milker - cattle that are reared for their milk
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The thing that impressed itself most on me in Holland was the thoroughness of the agriculture and the excellence of the Holstein cattle.
The fine herd of Holstein cows--their big eyes looked at him with such trust!
The room had some resemblance to the clay-floored halls in Holstein; a pretty numerous company, consisting of seamen, Copenhagen burghers, and a few scholars, sat here in deep converse over their pewter cans, and gave little heed to the person who entered.
"The Trustees are a key part of the Foundation's team," said Jodi Hoynoski, Holstein Foundation's programs manager.
Therefore, he observes, "our collection would appear to be more [genetically] diverse than the actual Holstein population is today:'
At this year's Battle of the Atlantic celebrations, Edward Holstein took a look around a German warship, the Schleswig Holstein.
William Holstein is editor-in-chief, and his organization regularly polls CEOs.
Cattle Dexter - Female: Stuart Tarrant (Bracknell, Berkshire) Guernsey - Female: Susan, Lady Barlow (Malpas, Cheshire) Holstein - Female: Riverdane and Copywood Holsteins (Middlewich, Cheshire) Welsh Black - Champion: WM & HR Stewart, Colwyn Bay, North Wales.
The familiar pattern of Holstein cows is even used by Gateway Computers' boxes to help emphasize the company's Midwestern roots.
Haenlein reports that the ever-popular Holstein cow may not be the best choice for warmer climates.
For example, when "feeder" cattle are brought into the auction corral, the herd is usually dominated by such beef breeds as Hereford and Angus, but it is not uncommon to find such dairy breeds as Holstein and Aryshire in the lot as well.(3) This independence of breed and selling classification for beef cattle holds for all categories except one--virtually every veal calf sold at auction is a Holstein (dairy) calf.(4)
It was pleasing to see such a large attendance of buyers ringside for the sale of commercial Holstein Friesian and Montbeliarde cows on offer.