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Noun1.Holstein-Friesian - a breed of dairy cattle from northern HollandHolstein-Friesian - a breed of dairy cattle from northern Holland
dairy cattle, dairy cow, milch cow, milcher, milk cow, milker - cattle that are reared for their milk
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Jaffarabad resident Chaudhry Azhar Abbas had kept domestic breed buffaloes and cows until 2016, when he decided to modernise his work with the active support of his son Ali Abbas, opening a state of the art dairy farm and importing Holstein-Friesian breed cows from Australia.
According to project listings portal ProTenders , Mazoon Dairy is expected to house 25,000 Holstein-Friesian cows in the next 10 years.
Cameron Odsey, DA Cordillera director, said purebred Holstein-Friesian cows, regarded as the world's highest production dairy animals, will arrive here either from Australia or South America by September.
At the family's home farm at Trefere Fawr, Penparc, they milk a further 120 Holstein-Friesian cows on a spring calving set-up.
Sahiwal, Holstein-Friesian and cross-bred (Sahiwal x Holstein-Friesian), respectively.
Starting from an initial herd of 4,000 Holstein-Friesian cows, the farm will have 25,000 cattle by 2026, said the report.
Congenital umbilical hernias are more common in Holstein-Friesian breed (Zhigachev, 1983).
Holstein-Friesian is a major dairy cattle, kept for milk production commonly found in various Districts of Baluchistan province like Pishin, Zhob, Loralai, Mustang, Quetta and other European countries.
A comparison of three strains of holstein-friesian grazed on pasture and managed under different feed allowances.
The aim of this study was to analyze the correlation between the polymorphism of fatty acid synthase gene and milk production traits in Polish Holstein-Friesian cattle.
Furthermore, Menjo et al., [31] while studying early survival of Holstein-Friesian heifers of diverse sire origins on commercial dairy farms in Kenya reported that daughters of sires from South Africa and Israel tended to have better survival rates than those sired by other regions like USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.
The third generation farmers, who milk 400 Holstein-Friesian at Groves Farm, Sontley, supply Meadow Foods, Chester.