Holston River

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Hol·ston River

A river, about 230 km (140 mi) long, rising in two forks in western Virginia and northeast Tennessee and flowing southwest to join the French Broad River and form the Tennessee River at Knoxville.
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Manufacturing the explosive required enormous amounts of water, which was, thankfully, available from the nearby Holston River. On April 25,1942, the plant shipped its first load.
We collected this sponge from the Holston River in upper east Tennessee, Indian Creek a tributary of the Powell River in Claiborne County, and French Broad River at Seven Islands Bird State Park.
It was early September down on the Holston River, eight miles upstream from Phipps Bend.
This is Smyth County Virginia --a population of 32,000 dispersed between three green valleys carved by the forks of the Holston River. The grand landscape is reflected in the name of the airfield that has been transformed into a makeshift medical centre: Mountain Empire Airport.
ABSTRACT The North Fork Holston River (NFHR) historically supported 33 unionid mussel species downstream of Saltville, VA.
His forays led him to the North Fork Holston River, a tributary of the Tennessee drainage originating in the mountains of southwestern Virginia.
With this surge of Cherokee popular support, Dragging Canoe cleared a newly formed Franklinite settlement out of the Holston River area and thwarted an offensive campaign by Franklinites to penetrate into the Cherokee country.
It worked with University of Tennessee students to preserve and dedicate the nine-acre Cabbage Island in the Holston River as a wildlife habitat.
tanasi is thought to have resulted from the transplantation into the Holston River in 1979 (Etnier and Starnes, 1993).
5.10pm: Blue Square 625 - heat three: 1 Holston River, 2 Two Nicks, 3 Bank It (m), 4 Manners Slaney (m), 5 Hondo The Kid (w), 6 Blonde Banker (w).