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Stefan Holwe, founder of Horizn Studios, said: "As a smart travel brand, it is our mission to enable curious minds to go further, so this project lies very close to our hearts.
Por outro lado, ha varios fatores que podem afetar o sucesso da implantacao da Manufatura Enxuta, desde a ausencia de conhecimento dos conceitos basicos necessarios ate a falta da identificacao dos fatores criticos de sucessos para uma adequada implantacao (Hines, Holwe, & Rich, 2004; Stone, 2012; Wong, Wong, & Ali, 2009).
Although some researchers (e.g., Womack, Jones, & Roos, 1990; Karlsson & Ahlstrom, 1996) consider lean production for broader lean activities, other researchers (e.g., Hines, Holwe, & Rich, 2004) consider lean production for manufacturing floor activities and environments.
His slep, his mete, his drinke, is hito biraft, That lene he wex and drye as is a shaft; His eyen holwe, and grisly to biholde, His hewe falow and pale as asshen colde, And solitarie he was and evere allone, And waillinge al the night, makinge his mone; And if he herde song or instrument, Thanne wolde he wepe, he mighte nat be stent.
Este e o foco principal da Manufatura Enxuta (ME): a reducao sistematica de perdas com a ideia central embasada no conceito da criacao de valor (HINES; HOLWE; RICH, 2004).